Roder boekenmarkt

Roder Boekenmarkt: de oogst.

Ik ging naar de Roder Boekenmarkt en ik vond….


Roder boekenmarkt


boeken! Heel veel boeken zelfs. En bijna evenveel mensen…Ook afgelopen december ging ik naar de boekenmarkt in het Drentse Roden. Ik dacht een half uur na opening mooi op tijd te zijn. Nou mooi niet, wat een drukte! Je kon letterlijk over de hoofden lopen, wat niet op iedereen een gunstige uitwerking had wat betreft fatsoensnormen. (Lees: regelmatig irritaties en geduw.) Ook was het gebouw waar de markt dit jaar gehouden werd niet direct heel handig ingericht, op sommige plekken weinig ruimte om goed te kijken. Maar een kniesoor die daar op let, hoor, want wat heb ik lekker gescoord! Dikke vette blij blij blij! Zie hier mijn oogst….


Roder boekenmarkt

De Smaak Van Venijn – Alan Bradley

Flavia de Luce woont met haar twee zussen en vader op familielandgoed Buckshaw. Ze is hoogbegaafd en dol op scheikunde, en op misdaad. In het scheikundelab dat van haar overleden moeder is geweest doet ze graag experimenten. Haar gifbrouwsels test ze bij voorkeur op haar twee zussen. Op een morgen vindt Flavia het lichaam van een man in de moestuin. Voor haar neus blaast hij zijn laatste adem uit. Wie is het? Ze is zo nieuwsgierig dat ze haar eigen onderzoek begint, want de politie wil haar – tot haar verbazing – niets vertellen. Stukje bij beetje ontrafelt Flavia een vreselijk geheim uit haar vaders’ verleden. Ze gaat zo op in de raadsels en puzzels van haar speurwerk dat ze ook zichzelf in gevaar brengt, maar dat snapt ze pas als het al veel te laat is.
Want Flavia is niet alleen favoriet bij Tineke, nee ik mag  haar inmiddels ook graag!

Company of liars – Karen Maitland

1348. Plague has come to England. And the lies you tell will be the death of you.
A scarred trader in holy relics- A conjuror – A musician and his apprentice – A one- armed storyteller – A young couple on the run-A midwife -And a rune-reading girl
A group of misfits bands together to escape the plague. But in their midst lurks a curse darker and more malign than the pestilence they flee…


Roder boekenmarkt

Scapegallows – Carol Birch

This is the story of Margaret Catchpole, born into a smugglers’ world in Suffolk in the late 1700’s. As the valued servant of a wealthy family and a friend of criminals, Margaret leads a double life that inevitably brings about her downfall, and she is sentenced to hang not once, but twice. But she escapes the gallows and is transported with other convicts to Australia.
A wonderful adventure story, Scapegallows takes inspiration from the life of the real Maragaret Catchpole. A woman who lived by her wits, she was a slip-gibbet, a scapegallows.


Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell – Susanna Clarke

Susanna Clarke’s brilliant first novel is an utterly compelling epic tale of nineteenth-century England and the two very different magicians who, as teacher and pupil and then as rivals, emerge to change its history. An international bestseller sold in 21 languages, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell is a tour de force that has captured the imagination of readers worldwide.
Ooit verscheen er op Ogma al eens een recensie over de verhalenbundel van Susanna Clarke, wie weet in 2017 een blog over deze twee heren en hun magie!


Roder boekenmarkt

Murder through the ages – A Bumper Anthology of Historical Mysteries – Edited by Maxim Jakubowski

As we enter the twenty-first century, the historical mystery genre is increasing in popularity to such an extent that demands for more have reached a new height. In response, today’s British and American crime writers have contributed new stories to launch this anthology. With an impressive range of sleuths, settings and crimes that span the centuries, Murder Through The Ages is an anthology that no lover of historical crime should be without.


Roder boekenmarkt
Maar liefst drie boeken van Bernard Cornwell

Harlequin – It was the time when the English came across the Channel to take the battle to the French. The army was led by the King, the great lords and knights, but it is the archers, the common men, who are to be England’s secret weapon. Thomas Hookton is one of those archers. But he is also a person on a mission – one he frequently forgets in the joy of fighting – to avenge his father’s killing by a French raider and to retrieve his family’s treasure. But the journey is far more complex and treacherous than he had expected, and the enemy who awaits him could harness the power of Christendom’s greatest relic, the Grail itself.
The first book in the Grail Quest series ends in the great battle of Crecy, the beginning of what became known as the Hundred Years’ War.

Vagabond – Thomas of Hookton, having survived the battle of Crecy, is sent by the king on a mission to discover more about his father’s strange inheritance , which is rumored to be connected to the Holy Grail. But he is not the only person pursuing it and his rivals will stop at nothing. Now the holder of great knowledge, he is in even greater danger, faring at last his enemy and cousin, the elusive Guy of Vexille.

Heretic– When the English capture Calais, the war with France is suspended by a truce. But Thomas of Hookton still has to pursue the grail and confront his deadliest enemy: his cousin Guy Vexille.
Thomas and his men become raiders, but when he releases a girl condemned to burn as a heretic, his campaign is attacked by the church and Thomas himself becomes the hunted.
Na mijn eerste Cornwell maak ik graag ruimte voor meer!


Roder boekenmarkt

Murder in the afternoon – Frances Brody

Young Harriet and her brother Austin have always been scared of the quarry where their stone mason father works. So when they find him dead on the ground, they scarper quick smart and look for some help.
When help arrives, however, the quarry is deserted and there is no sign of the body. Were the children mistaken? Is their father not dead? Did he simply get up and run away?
It seems like another unusual situation requiring the expertise of Kate Shackleton. But for Kate this is one case where surprising family ties make it her most dangerous – and delicate- yet….
Een Miss Fisher vibe, veelbelovend!!


A brief history of the Anglo-Saxons, the beginnings of the English nation – Geoffrey Hindley

This is the early story of the English people, from the end of Roman Britain up to the Norman Conquest in 1066. A distinct English identity developed during this crucial time, only to be stamped out by the arrival of the Normans. But Geoffrey Hindley, one of our most respected medieval historians, shows how the eclipse was superficial, and how a strong Anglo-Saxon legacy can be found in our culture and society today.
Hindley picks out glories like the Lindisfarne Gospels and looks at some notable ladies, including Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians, a strategist and war leader: Emma, queen and power broker; and Hilda, abbess and trainer of bishops. He discusses Alfred’s reputationn as England’s saviour against the Vikings, examines new research and recent archaeological finds and explores intriguing questions like: was the Bayeuxa Tapestry made in England of France, could King Harold have survived Hastings?


Zeg nou zelf, voor zo’n grote stapel prachtboeken heb je toch best een zoektocht door een mensenmenigte over? Ik wel! Ik duik er meteen in! (Die boeken, nu, niet die mensenmassa.)

Jolanda Lichthart, moeder, echtgenote, schrijfster, docent, lezer. Volgens Harry Mulisch zouden echte schrijvers nooit boeken lezen, en zouden echte lezers nooit een boek kunnen schrijven. Maar Harry Mulisch, Schmarry Schmulisch, ik doe het gewoon beide. Ha!

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